Instructor Rating

Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)

Bankstown Flying School now offers one-to-one Flight Instructor Rating training. 

One-to-one training enables Students to enrol when they are ready as opposed to waiting until enrolments open.

FIR Training

A Flight Instructor Rating (FIR G3 Initial) provides a Commercial Pilot with another avenue to earn a living, while sharing their knowledge and experience in a training environment. An added benefit is that Flight Instructors continue to accrue flight experience hours, flight knowledge and may allow the holder to gain (through professional development) additional ratings and endorsements.

You must be the holder of a CPL or ATPL to enrol in the flight instructor rating course. During the course of training you will learn to teach people how to fly, demonstrate and reinforce the various theoretical and practical concepts pilots need to demonstrate, create lesson plans and review training pilots theory and flying.

Training Highlights

Key information about our Flight Instructor Rating Training.

Course includes the following:

  • Principles and Methods of Instruction course
  • Spinning endorsement
  • Flight Instructor Grade III Initial flight test (1st attempt)


  • Payment arrangements available, final payment due prior to FIR flight test
  • Training will be carried out in a Piper PA28-161 and PA28-181

We recommend the CASA Flight Instructor Guide.



Meet Our Team

Our Flight Instructor Course is led by experienced instructors.

Nige Clark

CEO, HOO, G1, FER, CSIP Platinum

Peter Zhang




Luke Tevaga



How much does it cost?

The cost of conversion will depend on pilot experience level prior to flying the cirrus and also the amount of time and frequency you can dedicate to the course. We do quote basic estimates of around 10 hours flight time.

Am I guaranteed to pass?

As with any flight training, safety is the most important aspect, we will train you until a safe standard, so you are then comfortable yourself to fly off with family and friends.

What is enroute training?

For example we have a Doctor who regularly had to attend clinics in regional NSW, he was an existing pilot but not on Cirrus, so what we did was construct a Cirrus converion course so that he could complete part of the syllabus at the same time as his travel requirements.

Can I get help to pay?

Unfortunately we dont offer credit of finance for the course and the cost for the hours flown will have to be paid on completion of the flight

Can I rent after course completion?

Yes we do offer rental to our pilots on completion and we have on offer a range of SR 20 or SR 22, you are free to take this away on long journeys as long as minimum hours are met, please enquire for more info.

I want to buy a SR 20 or SR 22?

We have on show in our hanger a range of SR 20 and SR 22 aircraft, so please visit to discuss purchase as well as map put your training course.

I want to buy a Vision Jet!

We are proud to have in our hanger a new 2020 model SF 50 Vision Jet. This aircraft is not available to rent or train on, but syndicates are on offer or you can discuss an outright purchase. Contact us for more info.

Can you train in other locations?

Yes for certain circumstances such as full time courses, we do offer training away from our home base at Bankstown airport, please feel free to ask.

*please note that additional expenses may apply such as accomodation and enroute travel costs*

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