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Exclusive Flight Training Facility

We are proud to be the exclusive flight training facility for Cirrus Aircraft within the entire state of NSW.

If you are looking to fly any Cirrus Aircraft, then you have come to the right place, for 5 years we have been proud to represent the Cirrus brand as the dedicated and only factory certified Cirrus Training Centre in NSW.

Cirrus Transition Courses

The transition course is designed for licensed pilots who wish to fly Cirrus aircraft. If you are current but have never flown a Cirrus, the transition course, designed by Cirrus, has excellent structure and can be completed in approximately 10 hours of in flight training with one of our CSIP or TCI Cirrus Specialised Instructors. The Transition Course utilizes Cirrus’s on-line computer training portal and you can learn the theory side at your own pace.

After completion, combined with some VFR flying of your own, you will become proficient and comfortable with the airplane in VFR or IFR conditions. In a very short time, you will undoubtedly become a fan of the capable Cirrus Aircraft.

The SR20 and SR22 Transition eCourses will cover the following items:
– Operational characteristics specific to Cirrus aircraft
– VFR Maneuvering, takeoffs, and landings
– Avionics and autopilot usage and management
– Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and Risk Management
– Cross country flight procedures
– Abnormal and emergency procedures
– Scenarios for use of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)
– Avionics malfunctions and abnormalities
– Program, configure, and interpret Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD)

Typically, proficient pilots can expect to spend approximately three days (or equivalent) to complete the course. Emphasis is placed on the pilot gaining proficiency in all of the areas listed above. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to understand and operate relevant aircraft systems, maintain positive aircraft control in visual conditions and limited instrument conditions.

Due to the technology integrated into the aircraft, significant emphasis is placed on your ability to effectively manage these resources to the extent necessary for flight in visual flight conditions. Actual time requirements may vary depending on your previous flight experience. Completion of the course can accomplish the requirements for a flight review.

Cirrus Transition Training Syllabus Averages:
– 10 hours Cirrus Flight Time (6 hours minimum)
– 10 Cross Country Legs (7 legs minimum)
– 20 Landings (15 landings minimum)
– 8 hours Ground Pre/Post Time (No minimum)

Pre-Training Assignments must be completed prior to transition training (Cirrus Training Kits)
Successful completion of all course objectives will result in a certificate of completion.

We also offer a special type of course called enroute training whereby if you are needing to travel to regional areas or interstate then why not combine a Cirrus converions at the same time as your travel needs and you can then take an instructor along and receive partial flying credits towards your Cirrus conversion in one of our SR 20 or SR 22.

Training Highlights

What you will learn throughout our Cirrus Transition Courses.

Aircraft Theory

Theory will be completed by the excellent Cirrus Approach online Learning Portal. Talk to us first to plan out the best course for you and then you can obtain a login and progress in your own time. You will be truly impressed at the industry leading learning material and videos that Cirrus provide during the course. At the course completion for theory you will receive a certificate issued by Cirrus Aircraft.

High Performance

For many, the step up to flying close to 200 knots will be a big step, we know this and will ease you into by providing the tips and management tools to ensure you plan ahead and stay on top of the high performance. Once you get on top of the high tech automation and safety features, it will become your great friend and you will find it a great help.

Garmin / Avidyne

New to Glass cockpit? The Cirrus range of aircraft have either Garmin or Avidyne advanced cockpits, we are very experienced in this area and can assist you to gain knowledge and become comfortable as well. We also have an in house simulator should you need some time on the ground to become fully comfortable.

CAPS (Parachute)

The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) is a whole-plane ballistic parachute recovery system designed specifically for Cirrus Aircraft’s line of general aviation light aircraft including the SR20, SR22 and SF50. The design became the first of its kind to become certified and as of 2014 was the only aircraft ballistic parachute used as standard equipment by an aviation company.


Our Cirrus aircraft along with the Garmin line of avionics are equipped with an Advanced Autopilot System. The features and quality are comparible to many large jets and although you may initially find it challenging to learn, once you do it will become an excellent tool for you to use throughout many of your flights.


TCAS, which is short for Traffic Collision and Avoidance System has been around a long time but often was only found on jets. It is an excellent piece of technology to safeguard you against unforseen seperation issues and all of our Cirrus Aircraft now have TCAS equipped as standard.


How much does it cost?

The cost of conversion will depend on pilot experience level prior to flying the cirrus and also the amount of time and frequency you can dedicate to the course. We do quote basic estimates of around 10 hours flight time.

How long does it take?

The Cirrus conversion course can be completed usually over a period of 3 or 4 days, with 1 or 2 flights per day. It is recommended to have finished the Cirrus Transition course online prior to any flight training.

Am I guaranteed to pass?

As with any flight training, safety is the most important aspect, we will train you until a safe standard, so you are then comfortable yourself to fly off with family and friends.

Do I convert in the SR 20 or SR 22?

The selection of whether to convert in the SR 20 or SR 22 will depend on a number of factors and can be discussed with us so that we can map out the best training path for you.

What is enroute training?

For example we have a Doctor who regularly had to attend clinics in regional NSW, he was an existing pilot but not on Cirrus, so what we did was construct a Cirrus converion course so that he could complete part of the syllabus at the same time as his travel requirements.

Can I get help to pay?

Unfortunately we dont offer credit of finance for the course and the cost for the hours flown will have to be paid on completion of the flight

Can I rent after course completion?

Yes we do offer rental to our pilots on completion and we have on offer a range of SR 20 or SR 22, you are free to take this away on long journeys as long as minimum hours are met, please enquire for more info.

I want to buy a SR 20 or SR 22?

We have on show in our hanger a range of SR 20 and SR 22 aircraft, so please visit to discuss purchase as well as map put your training course.

I want to buy a Vision Jet!

We are proud to have in our hanger a new 2020 model SF 50 Vision Jet. This aircraft is not available to rent or train on, but syndicates are on offer or you can discuss an outright purchase. Contact us for more info.

Can you train in other locations?

Yes for certain circumstances such as full time courses, we do offer training away from our home base at Bankstown airport, please feel free to ask.

*please note that additional expenses may apply such as accomodation and enroute travel costs*

Interested in buying a Cirrus?

Let Bankstown Flying School, as part of the Global Cirrus Aircraft support network, introduce you to the many possibilities of Cirrus Aircraft ownership from the SR20, SR22 and SR22T.

Perhaps you have a Pilot licence and would rather complete Cirrus Transition training in one of our Cirrus SR20 aircraft, so you can private hire the aircraft to take the family away, or get to that meeting in Central NSW or Victoria… many do!

The safety, technology, power and convenience of the Cirrus Aircraft can not be denied; come and find out for your self and discuss owning your personal Cirrus Aircraft.

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