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Dream to own your own Cirrus Aircraft

Let Bankstown Flying School, as part of the Global Cirrus Aircraft support network, introduce you to the many possibilities of Cirrus Aircraft ownership from the SR20, SR22 and SR22T.

Perhaps you have a Pilot licence and would rather complete Cirrus Transition training in one of our Cirrus SR20 aircraft, so you can private hire the aircraft to take the family away, or get to that meeting in Central NSW or Victoria… many do!

The safety, technology, power and convenience of the Cirrus Aircraft can not be denied; come and find out for yourself and discuss owning your personal Cirrus Aircraft.

Cirrus Shared Vision. The power of owning together.

Get your hands on the most exciting, innovative and safest piston engine aircraft in the world for a fraction of the cost, introducing Cirrus Shared Vision, a part ownership program that will join like-minded individuals in locations all over Australia.

Whether its business, pleasure or both, you will be flying at 340 kilometres per hour with capacity to go from Brisbane to Hamilton Island in just 3 hours, owning a Cirrus aircraft is a legitimate alternative to commercial airlines.

Shared Vision

Purchase a Cirrus Aircraft with a group of others to share the costs and the benefits. 

Co-owning a Cirrus allows you to reap the benefits while sharing the costs and aircraft usage among owners. With a secure online booking system, each co-owner can experience transparency, anytime, anywhere. 

Purchasing a Cirrus Aircraft through BFS, your aircraft will be fully managed meaning your plane is ready to go when needed. There is no need to worry about cleaning, hangarage or fuelling up with a BFS Cirrus aircraft.

No Pilot,
No Problem

Become a registered Pilot and complete our Cirrus Conversion Transition Training so you can fly yourself, anywhere and anytime. 

Own A Cirrus

New owners are welcomed into the Cirrus family through a factory-direct purchase experience that focuses on you and your mission. Because our aircraft are sold factory-direct, your journey begins with a direct link to the team that designs and manufactures your aircraft. You will be guided through each step towards aircraft ownership, from finding financing and insurance to securing a hangar space at your home airport and forming a relationship with your local Cirrus Authorized Training and Service professionals.  

Acquiring a Cirrus aircraft is not merely a transaction, rather it is an incorporation of the aircraft into your lifestyle. 
Not a pilot? Not a problem. Each person’s approach to Cirrus ownership is unique, regardless of aviation 
background. Pilots and non-pilots alike benefit from the flexibility and freedom afforded by owning a Cirrus. 

While a picture may be worth 1,000 words, an experience is worth 1,000 pictures. We look forward to welcoming you to The Cirrus Life.

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