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Winner of the International Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot (CSIP) of the year for 2023

We are so proud to announce Nige Clark as the winner of the International Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot (CSIP) of the year for 2023, presented at the annual Cirrus CX conference in Las Vegas.

Nige is not only a Platinum CSIP, he also operates the only Cirrus Aircraft Platinum Training Centre in NSW. As a Cirrus Aircraft specialist pilot, Nige is also a Cirrus Aircraft Test Pilot, completing the first return to service flight for all SR Cirrus Aircraft that come to Australia continuing the global support Cirrus Aircraft is renowned for.

Congratulations Nige!

RAAF cadets flying in a Cirrus SR20

An awesome 47kt head wind for Ker Y and Sam W as they headed to Wagga Wagga last weekend to take RAAF cadets flying in a Cirrus SR20 over the weekend. Turned a flight that’s usually just over an hour into 2 3/4 hours – fun times!

A little fog on Sunday meant a late start but all went well for the rest of Saturday and Sunday.

The trip home was a lot quicker.

Congratulations to Henry McKay for completing his PPL flight test

Congratulations to Henry McKay who hails from Warren in the Far West of NSW, late yesterday afternoon he successfully completed his PPL flight test with Peter Z.

Henry started his training shortly before COVID became a thing and started putting us all into various stages of lockdown with Luke T. After Luke T headed off on his American adventure, Rocky C stepped in and got Henry through his nav work and the PPL test recommendation.

Through the lockdowns and travelling, Henry still managed to test in just under 58 hours total flight hours.

Amazing achievement in a flexible training environment. Love your work, Henry.

Warren Shire Council – we are coming to an airport near you soon

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